Ideal colors for home with plants

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“Colors and plants are not lacking here in the cafofo”, says Dani. This couldn’t be more true: he
and his companion Leo have more than 230 plants inside the house alone! In the couple’s
bedroom, they decided to go with the Pinheiro green to match their passion for nature.
The entire house has a strong presence of vibrant tones – a deliberate choice by decorator
Karla Amadori, who worked with Hena and Nickel colors in the kitchen, Indigo Blue for the
office and Quentão yellow for the backyard. “All the strong shades she chose are to match the
green of the plants. This combination between them and the walls is very peaceful and is
exactly what I wanted for my house”.
“I really believe that plants have therapeutic power. Together with the colors and all your
affective decorations, they can transform all the processes in your home”, says Dani. He still
takes advantage and gives the tip: “Using cheerful colors greatly affects the visibility and
growth of plants. Based on my experience, the darker the wall, the less the plants around it
In the decorator’s room, Karla and Dani came up with the idea of making a blue gradient that
goes from lighter to darker. Everything was handpainted by the two, who took the color chart
and followed a sequence of Arctic Blue, Suave Hortência, Vida Azul, Tarde Colorida, Sapphire
and Sailboat. According to Dani, there is a special reason for this creative idea: “I have a very
strong connection with the sea and I wanted to bring it into my home”. Together with the
plants, they bring a real connection between nature and the sea into the coffe!

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